Excellence in service delivery depends on the caliber of public & private officials used who should understand the broad aspects of administration and management, apply best practice principles, tools & techniques, use evidence -based approaches in decision making and have the ability to market maps of desired future outcomes and impacts as well as get their leadership & teams to not only see it, but belief in it and run with it.

The Camblish School of Government & Administration (CSGA) has instituted an effective and reliable learning platform with a model that specifically uses experienced public sector university dons and renowned & leading public sector experts, managers, executives and retirees with years of experience in implementing public sector policies, mandates and programmes.

Learning programmes are designed to reflect current and future sector outlooks, be dynamic, developmental and transformational. Trained executives and managers will acquire knowledge and develop critical, reflective, analytical and problem solving skills that will enable them to be responsive to the needs and demands that confront the public sector and the country as a whole.