At Camblish Training Institute the Executive Development Academy (CEDA) takes the focus of a service oriented unit/body that trains and develops executives, managers, businessmen and professionals. Its core purpose is to transform visionary, creative and courageous men and women into entrepreneurs who become responsible enough to create wealth in the form of jobs, economic progress and much needed stability in society. The academy also provides consulting services to its wide network of clients to virtually every economic sector in South Africa and beyond.

The Executive Development Academy is capably supported by a pool of associates composed of qualified practitioners and academicians whose education and expertise are backed up by actual experience in their respective fields of specialty. CEDA therefore offers a rare blend of public and private sector experience in providing technical assistance, consulting services and training to clients in building effective and efficient systems for delivering government and private sector services responsive to their target beneficiaries and markets.

Continuous training of employees must be one of the principal management concerns of a company hence investment in people development is a key to company’s survival and growth. Such development could be enhanced through a number of trainings listed below fully offered by the EDA. Clients can as well make special request based on the needs of their various organizations.