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Recreating minds, expanding horizons and changing the world through certifying empowered, qualified and influential people.



Camblish Training Institute, 100% BEE, Accredited and a Centre for Professional Development, is a network of passionate, supportive, collaborative, diverse and professional consultants, facilitators, assessors, moderators & verifiers who focus on developing the skills of company employees to improve team performance. Its goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding services, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operational efficiency.



  • We are committed to giving world class business services that will effectively assist our clients towards a more strategic, effective, productive and profitable direction.
  • We thrive on adding value to our clients’ business operations by improving productivity and reducing costs.
    In an ever changing fast paced world, our aim is to give our clients top class services as success is determined by good choices for lasting effects.
  • Our corporate social responsibility investments are aimed at changing lives, uplifting the destitute, creating local economic opportunities and hence jobs for the nation and other economies.
  • We strive to be a facilitator of opportunity identification and realization, growth and transformation for the nation and beyond.



Camblish Training Institute designs customized programmes to meet the unique needs and specifications of each client or customer.

We first do a needs analysis, conduct appropriate research to match solutions with each identified need, develop client-centred tailor-made training material, present solution-driven high impact training, conduct training evaluation to monitor impact, provide additional support where need be and then certify candidates.

Our guarantee – Lessons learnt from each of our training interventions can be directly applied at work.